Window Cleaning

We realize window washing is time-consuming, difficult, sometimes even dangerous, and most likely it is at the bottom of your “To Do” list.

When you hire Eye Do Windows to take care of this for you on a regular basis, you will have a year-round sparkle, improve your view, extend the life of your windows, and be the pride of your neighborhood!


Top 3 Reasons To Have Your Windows Cleaned Professionally

1. Prevents Hardwater Staining:

Hard water stains form when mineral deposits start to gather and get on the window surface. They come from sprinklers, rain, dust, and landscaping. Over time these mineral deposits become stains as the minerals permanently etch the surface of the glass. If left untreated, a restoration service is required and can cost more than a new window. Routine cleaning removes these minerals and preserves the window quality.

2. Extends The Life of Your Windows:

A Routine window cleaning can prolong the life of your windows by preserving the integrity of the window tracks, frames, and sills. By keeping these surfaces clear of dirt and debris, the tracks and sills remain in good working condition. Clean tracks keep your windows properly opening and closing. Clean seals ensure that the insulating gases in your window remain inside keeping your interior temperatures comfortable and preventing foggy windows.

3. Adds More Natural Light In Your Home:

Clean windows give you spotless, clear views allowing more light in. It also makes your home look and feel better. You know natural light makes your home feel more inviting and can actually make you feel better! We all enjoy having a little sunshine in our day. As a bonus, by having your windows cleaned professionally, you increase your curb appeal and feel good about your home.

State of the Art Technology

The traditional method of chemical solution mixed with tap water containing trace amounts of minerals can lead to streaks and residue when washing your windows.
There’s a better way – Deionized Pure Water. When water is deionized, these minerals are removed, giving you streak-free, sparkling clean windows. What really makes this process unique, is that deionization essentially turns water into a magnet for dirt and grime, eliminating the need toxic chemical cleansers. By using our specialized tools, we will clean window frames and surrounding surfaces as part of the process, so you get additional cleaning. Our water-fed poles can safely reach difficult places – even up to 4 stories high, typically without the need for ladders or lifts.


Commercial Window Cleaning

Windows are one of the first things your customers see. Marketing studies reveal that 72% of the people that walk into business establishments value the cleanliness of the store. This fact alone can determine whether they return to do business. Regular window cleaning for your retail storefront is of prime importance to maintain your company’s image and also ensures you attract every possible customer through your door.

Large windows in front of your retail store can become quite dirty from pollution, dirt, and insects.  Ensure maximum cleanliness and profitability by setting up a regular cleaning routine with Eye Do Windows / AAA Pressure Cleaning to keep your windows clean.

We will completely clean your window glass and detail the aluminum frames and edges every time, to a sparkling clean finish!

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