As the year is winding down, is your to-do list winding up? It seems like all those tasks you vowed to conquer before next year just aren’t disappearing fast enough from your list:

  • Clean the pool deck
  • Freshen up the fence
  • Give your siding a face lift
  • Figure out what can be done about your dirty, stained roof
  • Clean the gutters
  • Clean, paint, or seal decks
  • Remove oil and rust stains
  • The list goes on ……….

You’re not alone in your struggle against the never-ending to-do list. In fact, December 25th through 31st has been dubbed “It’s About Time Week.” All year long you procrastinate and put off taking care of certain essential items around the house, but now you’ve finally reached the end of the year and, well, it’s about time to make things happen! Home maintenance is an important part of ensuring that your house will withstand the wear and tear that another year brings. If you’ve been neglecting basic tasks around the house or have been living with less than sparkling fences, patios, decks, and more, then now is the time to make things right before the new year begins.

There’s help available to conquer your list, though – so don’t feel like you have to go at it alone! Eye Do Windows / AAA Pressure Cleaning has been helping people finish their to-do lists for years. Whether it’s roof cleaning or freshening up your dingy driveway, we have the tools (and the time!) to knock another item off your to-do list.

So don’t delay, give Eye Do Windows / AAA Pressure Cleaning a call today – after all, it’s about time!