The best washing companies don’t just clean the home’s exterior – they also offer to apply a second and final layer of protection to retard mildew, oxidation, and general ‘fall-out’ pollutants. Our proprietary sealant that we use to ensure your home remains ‘spotless’ for many months to come is called “All Surface Shield.”

Applying this invisible gloss enhancing shield after the cleaning ensures long life and fresher appearance for your house. All surfaces, including windows, will benefit from this protection. Yes, windows too!

All Surface Shield also makes it possible for the homeowner to simply take a garden hose and quickly rinse the siding and windows to keep them sparkling clean.

Ask us about our All Surface Shield Protection Plan;  when applied by our experienced professional, we GUARANTEE your home against the return of mold, algae, lichen, or mildew for up to ONE FULL YEAR from the date of your last cleaning!