What comes to mind when you think of roof cleaning? Taking off broken tree limbs and removing leaves and pine needles are obvious choices. However, these actions aren’t enough to give your roof a thorough cleaning job. To get things really clean, you need the services of a professional. In particular, you need to hire someone who specializes in house washing and roof cleaning. At Eye Do Windows / AAA Pressure Cleaning, we’d like to share five reasons why you should only work with an experienced and professional roof cleaning service for your home:

Roof Cleaning is a Difficult Job
The process of roof cleaning is a difficult job. In order to successfully clean your roof, you must find the right products and make sure that they’re by trustworthy providers. Failure to do this could result in roof damage that forces an expensive repair or replacement. While using the right chemicals and procedure won’t harm your roof, using the wrong ones could. Hiring reputable professionals will ensure that the cleaning will extend the life of your roof rather than shortening it.

Prevent Roof Algae
Roof algae certainly has a negative aesthetic effect on your roof, but it’s much more than that. The algae actually live and feed off of your shingles. More specifically, it feeds off the limestone filler that’s commonly used in shingle production. The algae will take years off of the lifespan of your roof if it’s ignored. Hesitation to regularly clean your roof can lead to rapid deterioration of the shingles, especially if the algae is visible.
Not having your roof cleaned regularly can have multiple negative effects on not only the roof, but your home in general. It can lower the home’s energy efficiency causing a massive increase in air conditioning bills as shingles help block UV rays. It could also force you into a roof replacement much early than expected which could be costly

Roof Cleaning is Worth the Money
Some homeowners may look at roof cleaning and ask whether it’s worth the money. Paying to have your roof cleaned is much cheaper than a full roof replacement which could be the result of roof neglect. Considering what you may have to spend to either repair your roof or completely replace your roof, a regular roof cleaning is unquestionably the less expensive option.

You May Still Need a Cleaning Even If Algae Isn’t Visible
Many homeowners may look at their roofs and not seeing any algae, decide their roof is clean enough and they don’t need a regular cleaning. This is a common mistake that can end up being very costly. In its earliest stages of existence, algae is completely invisible which means that it can be growing on your roof even though you can’t see it. So even though it appears as though you don’t need a thorough roof cleaning, you may still need one. It’s recommended that you have a roof inspection every three years to ensure that it doesn’t become a problem. The earlier you catch the algae growing on your roof, the better off you’ll be.
Another misconception is that spot cleaning can do the trick. While it may seem as though the algae is located on just one area of your roof, it may actually be affecting your entire roof. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it’s recommended that you take preventative measures with a thorough cleaning.

Two Types of Roof Cleaning
There are two different types of roof cleaning that can help to protect your roof; pressure cleaning and soft washing. Pressure cleaning uses highly pressurized water to spray off mold, algae, dirt, and grime. While this type of cleaning is very effective for metal or concrete roofs, it has the potential to cause damage to shingles. Soft washing is the process of using chemicals to remove harmful growths on the roof. Hiring a professional to clean your roof will ensure the right method and right materials are being used to clean your roof without damaging your home.

A roof cleaning is the most important roof maintenance task. It has the ability to extend the life of your roof and keep you from expensive repairs or replacement. Are you looking for an experienced and skilled professional to clean your roof? Eye Do Windows / AAA Pressure Cleaning guarantees quality customer service and expertise to our customers. We work with homeowners throughout the Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, Orange Beach, Ono Island, Perdido Key, Foley, Elberta, Josephine, Lillian, Magnolia Springs, Summerdale, Point Clear, Fairhope, Baldwin County, Alabama areas for house washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning services. Give us a call today!